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On this fantastic tour you have old and traditional villages, churches, history, archaeology, mythology, nice photo-stops, a beautiful beach… truly a little of everything.
One of the main destinations of this tour is the picturesque bay and the village of Matala. The village is well-known especially for its ancient caves, carved out thousands of years ago in the cliffs, above the beautiful sandy beach.

Our first stop is the village of Margarites. Since the ancient time the colourful village is well-known for its traditional potteries. At one of them we will be able to have a close look at their artistic work.
After that, a short while later, we reach the monastery of Arkadi and stop there for a nice coffee-break.
It follows an unforgettable bus ride, with some very nice photo-stops, along the foothills of the famous Idi Mountains, through the evergreen Amari Valley and its old, typical Cretan villages.

Reaching the village of Matala we stay for a traditional lunch and have enough time for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of the Libyan Sea.
On the way back almost all the time we take a totally different road. First we visit the village of Agia Galini, one of the most idyllic places on the south coast and, afterwards, we make a nice photo-stop at the village of Spili, well-known for its freshwater springs and lion-fountains.


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Margarites – Matala – Agia Galini

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